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We rehabilitate and train one puppy at a time round-the-clock in our home. We partner with a local dog rescue called Pokie & Friends (a 501c3 nonprofit that rescues puppies from bad situations in Tijuana) to help find you your perfect pup, then your pup lives with us for a set time - depends on your budget, most people do 1 to 4 weeks - and comes to you with a foundation of manners and a love for snuggling.

Most times, you have to adopt the puppy & then send them off to training after weeks of struggling to do it on your own. With us, we help you find your perfect dog, and then you have the option to have your pup receive training by living with us and our dog to learn basic manners.

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Many trainers don't take young puppies because it's such a full time job. People love that with us, they not only gain a pre-trained companion that's been working on potty training and daily pup socialization, but also contribute to our mission of opening a dog sanctuary to rescue and rehabilitate more dogs.

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Meet our most recent puppy in training: Violet

Name: Violet


Nicknames: Vi Vi, Lady Long Legs, String Bean, Lovebug

Estimated Birth date: May 8, 2023

When we took her in: June 18, 2023 (about 3 months ago)

Gender: Female

Current Weight: ~9.5 pounds (under 3 pounds when we took her in!)

Current Age: 4 months old

Estimated Breed: a mix of jack russell terrier, parson russell, chihuahua, and italian greyhound

Estimated Size: around 15 pounds, mom is 8 pounds

Her backstory: Violet's mom was rescued from an abusive situation in Tijuana, Mexico about a week before giving birth to 4 puppies. Her 3 brothers have been adopted, and Violet was brought into our puppy training academy where she will be pre-trained before she meets her new adoptive family.

What we love about her: Violet is so incredibly sweet and snuggly. She also has an adorable spunkiness to her, she speaks her mind if she wants something, and she loves to take long naps. She's great with kids, cats, and dogs of all sizes. She's one of our top favorite pups of the 35 we've fostered & trained, and will make an excellent companion in any family.

videos of sweet Violet

Violet_14 weeks_aug 16
Violet_bottle feeding_13 weeks_aug 2023.MOV

Meet her foster parents & trainers:

Alyssa and Andrew

A word from the full-time trainer & foster mom, Alyssa:

Welcome! We're proud of our work rehabilitating pups like Violet and finding them forever homes.

My journey in dog rescue began 17 years ago when I found a sick puppy in a gutter. This experience ignited my passion for fostering and training puppies in need. My husband and I have fostered 35 dogs and partner with Pokie & Friends Dog Rescue, a 501c3 nonprofit. 

We help matchmake with the right pup and also offer training, to increase successful placements and fund our dream of opening a dog sanctuary. For less than the price of an untrained purebred, you can save a stray puppy's life, get them fully vetted and ensure they are trained using a 55-point checklist - in addition to Unlimited Training for the whole life of the puppy, included!

We love this work and thank our adopters for providing loving homes. Your support makes it all possible!

Another person's words about sweet Violet

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We train dogs to be the chillest, sweetest, most laid-back pup you've ever had. Guaranteed or your money back. We work with a local dog rescue to save a puppy from Tijuana, Mexico, and they come to Carlsbad where a calm and experienced dog trainer raises them for 6 to 8 weeks (or more) before adoption.

We use a 55-point checklist to ensure they're ready to go - including potty training, leash manners, desensitization to loud noises, sleeping through the night, socialization with dogs/cats/kids, and so much more!

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Where do your rescue dogs come from?

We partner with Pokie & Friends Dog Rescue, a 501c3 nonprofit that rescues dogs from Tijuana, Mexico, which is about 45 minutes south of us in North County, San Diego. We like to focus our efforts on Tijuana as our team leader has family there and frequently finds strays while visiting. We find these dogs are in desperate need of food, water, vet care, and shelter, so they become our priority.

Do you only rescue small dogs?

Currently, yes. While we love big dogs (and have one of our own), for now, we are limited on space. Plus little dogs are fun because they can be carried around in a sling, allowing for them to come everywhere - giving them more chances for socialization and more opportunities to snuggle :)

What if I want to train the dog myself?

If you'd like to train the dog yourself, we are still happy to matchmake for you, to connect you with your dream pup, free of charge. If you'd like some support, our puppy training caters to those who want the puppy experience but don't have the time, energy, or knowledge to fully train a puppy.

We'd love to help match-make you with your next dog through the 501c3 nonprofit rescue we partner with, called Pokie & Friends Dog Rescue. Just send an email to The dog you adopt will come with vetting and will be up to date on vaccinations. And then you can come back to us for individual training sessions if you'd like some extra support.

How is the money spent from the training fee?

I'm not ready to adopt yet. do you have a waitlist?

What training experience do you have?

Great question! We are very well-versed in dog training. Here's a few key things to know about Alyssa, the lead trainer:

Can we hire you for individual training sessions with our puppy?

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Primary Contact: Alyssa Blackwell


Phone: 240-409-2641